Thursday, March 5, 2009

20 Random Things that weren't the result of a survey

1) I'm tired.
2) I still have an amazing amount of 464 stuff to finish (?>!#@#%$#@#)
3) I think I have my entire wedding planned. All I need now is a groom. tee-hee!!
4) Seriously. I want a red/yellow wedding. And then I realized if I marry a Marine one day? I have a moto colored wedding. God damn it all. DID NOT do this on purpose.
5) I need my boyfriend more than ever right now (I assume it's vice versa). And he's being a super Marine down at MCRD in San Diego. I don't have time to get on the train to go visit. Screw that!
6) I heard the phrase "Cool your jets!" today. Haven't used or heard that phrase in years.
7) What happens to people AFTER they graduate from school??
8) Why are all my friends getting married and making babies? I had this weird dream that I seriously woke up 6 months pregnant one morning. Didn't know how or when that happened. Thought about calling Drew but then decided it would freak him out and he'd drop the phone and pass out and whack his head or something and SOMEHOW I'd be responsible for maiming government property. 
9) I'm loving that I have to attend a workshop called "How to Find a Job in a Recession". Good to know that we're practically in the dark ages again.
10) Drew suggested I get a job in Healthcare PR at one of the Naval Hospitals. OOH! There's an idea.
11) My mom reminded me that the government is broke and as such: I'll be broke. But tell me something I'm not already aware of. I'm in the negative right now so it can't get much worse. 
12) I hate being sleep deprived. I'm honest to God going to sleep in my car for a good 4 hours tomorrow afternoon
13) I think my group and I are about ready to start throwing back a few stiff ones. Irony? We're doing a campaign against binge drinking among college students.
14) I'm almost done with ARPR!

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