Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The 9/11 Mosque

I get really angry when people in general start throwing a tantrum and start publicly saying things like "utmost disrespect, how DARE they..." when it comes to the erection of a mosque 600 feet from ground zero.

Really? By all means, erect a mosque. Because it wasn't just Christians and white guys that lost their lives in the twin towers that day. There were Muslims that were completely innocent to their unfortunate stereotype to Middle Eastern terrorists that went to work that morning, and didn't come home. Shame on you for discriminating against a religion. They can build a Buddhist temple or a Jewish Synagog if they want, too. Those folks died in the terrorist attacks, too.

I tend to stand on my own little rock with touchy topics like this. I don't understand why people put that kind of bull shit in their Facebook statuses. I'll debate you until the cows come home, but holding this mindset does not make me un-American.

My friend Rheanna put it best: "What if someone wanted to build a Christian Church on the site of the Oklahoma City bombings? Extremists, and in this situation "terrorists" are found in almost every belief. I don't want people associating MY beliefs with extremist behaviors."

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