Friday, August 20, 2010

Bon Voyage!

So here's the perk of living in Maine -- I can travel a little further south on the east coast to visit folks. Far less expensive than when I lived in San Diego.

This weekend is like ... my 4th or 5th trip to Baltimore. Very stoked for Aunt Charlene and Aunt Roseanne to be throwing me a bridal shower. Even if it ends up just being us with crab cakes (YES!! I think I love Maryland Blue Crab more than lobster. No joke) and sangria, I'm stoked. And this time? I've stocked my pantry with stuff that Drew can feed himself with. Last time I went to CA: he even ate all the croutons. Apparently, the grocery shopping is Taryn's responsibility??

For the record -- if you mail me a wedding gift: Athena will thank you profusely for the box it comes in. She loves boxes. If it's a box, she's in it.

Sidenote: if I make frequent trips to Baltimore, it's because I love pit beef and Blue Crab. You'd be impressed with the amount of crab this kid can put away.

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