Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 12, Something You Never Get Complimented On

I think the one thing that I don't get complimented on very often and in fact gets overlooked on a regular basis? Is my kindness, and my willingness to forgive. I don't like harboring resentment, I'd rather just acknowledge the issue and move past it. I dislike being mislead or lied to, I dislike being taken advantage of. And THOSE types of people don't last long in my circle. There was "that" kind of girl in Drew's life, and she's more than welcome to be a part of his life -- but she had damn well better stay out of my way. I'm not being unreasonable in my choice to acknowledge why I refuse to associate. I tend to go by the three strike rule -- and after that? Screw you and the horse you came in on, I am NOT a doormat.

I'm really not as snippy as I sound. I'm always smiling or laughing; to the point that people notice if I'm quiet or reserved.

Who's getting married in 8 days? Ah yes ... ME!

Sidenote -- the magazine was a little bit iffy that I was taking 3 weeks off for the wedding. "But it's a 4 month internship, she can't do that!"
Au contraire: I can. You're not paying me.
That, and I'm staying for a year -- it all pans out. Hakuna Matata yo, I shall return to be the fact-checking genius that I am.

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  1. YAYYYY!!!! I'm so excited for your wedding. I'm really bummed that I couldn't make it out, but I'm still super excited none the less. I will be waiting for all the photos. :))