Thursday, September 16, 2010

Manuals of Style

I love that I spent 4 years in my college career learning about 50 different way to write a stupid paper. CSUF made damn sure I knew AP Style inside and out. I have the following manuals in my collection for reference purposes: MLA Handbook, Elements of Style, AP Style Book and the APA Stylebook ...  and apparently I need to head over to Borders and pick up the 16th edition of:

There's one that I was never forced-fed. Dammit, wouldn't it just be too simple to use ONE style to write a research paper or journalism article?? The most convenient solution is usually not the way the world spins.

Seriously though, does the magazine world use Chicago as opposed to AP? It would make sense, because most of the content is feature-length...

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  1. Did your post shrink? I swear it was longer when I read it earlier today...