Friday, September 10, 2010

Today I:

- found out that I did not get the job with HCPro in Massachusetts (major bummer)
- listened to the editors quip about firing the interns because someone forgot to brew another pot of coffee
- filed for the marriage license
- rented table runners
- set up a final consultation with the florist (EEE!)
- purchased our time slot to swim with dolphins & go snorkeling at Discovery Cove in Orlando ... we also get to go to Busch Gardens Tampa for free!
- bought our tickets to Blue Man Group
- made reservations for The Luau at the Polynesian Resort
- put Taryn & Drew's birth certificates + social security cards into one spot and put in a safe place

I'm also very ready for a nap, but I have to work instead. That's not so fun.


  1. ugh! sorry about the Job. YAY for flowers! YAY for marriage license!!! I'm glad at least some good things are going on to balance out that major bummer. :(

  2. bummer about the job. The Blue Man Group is amazing though. Andrew and I saw them in Vegas in 2007.