Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Back to life, back to reality"

I think today was the day it really sunk in that the honeymoon was over. Back at the magazine, copyediting and finding out that D'oh! My cover story got bumped to a different issue, and that also means that I didn't get the cover for November. (Sad face).

BUT!! There is a full-page spread with my picture in it in the November issue. I can honestly say I've never been IN a magazine before;  I'm not just a name in the masthead or a byline. FULL SIZE photo. Go me. A little embarrassing? Sure. But hey, have you ever had a full size photo in a reputable magazine before? 
I haven't.
Mostly because in the past, it was a conflict of interest for the publication to publish staff members' photos or do interviews with them etc. But the nature of the story involved magazine staff members at a particular location ... so it works out.

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