Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I love Post Secret.
But I saw this photo/secret on Kara's blog and was immediately disturbed.

It just sounded like she was setting up for failure, going into it with a completely negative attitude. If you believe in the self-fulfilling prophecy like I do, than this is just going about it all wrong. Not ALL deployments end with him coming home in a body bag. There are probably more happy reunited homecomings than there are funerals. I can't believe that this wife or girlfriend or fiancee would kill herself because her man died. Does life REALLY not hold that much meaning? Is there really nothing else in the world to live for? I'm not denying that I'd be ripped into shreds, forever psychologically damaged if Drew died ... but I was so immediately perturbed by this. It's almost like she's (she being the anonymous submission of the secret) setting herself UP for failure. Going into it with a completely negative mindset.

I believe that form follows function. If you set out to not let the deployment rule your world, then it won't. The most successful deployments are from the wives, fiancees and girlfriends that stay busy, that find other things to do: that don't spend time wracked with worry. 

Don't kill yourself because your husband died. You may want to ... but don't. Your family loves you, your friends love you. Your dog probably loves you. I think there's still meaning to life even when your other half is taken from you.
He wouldn't want you to do that to yourself. Drew would be so disappointed in me if I committed suicide, and the last thing I want to do is disappoint him. Ever.


  1. Oh my gosh!!!

    Sorry but suicide is such a selfish act. She's obviously not thinking of how it will hurt everyone else, to lose not just her husband but also her!? It's like telling them "screw you guys, you don't matter"

    Someone get that girl some help!!

  2. Wow, she very obviously thinks little of her own life and those who are affected by her life. Talk about a KIA in vain if you take your own life. At least help his memory live on and help others, right?