Monday, October 18, 2010

Honeymoon ... and then back to life

True story: I have 250 photos from the honeymoon.
Second true story: I did not spend the entire week holed up in our MASSIVE villa in Kissimmee, FL. I'm not kidding about the massive  part, either. 1350 square feet is officially bigger than our apartment by a longshot. 2BR/2BA + central air + washer dryer + gigantic kitchen!!! I'm in love.  What DH doesn't know? We're so moving.

We had a WONDERFUL time snorkeling and swimming with dolphins on Sunday -- will eventually have to scan the photos we took with Astra. Stay tuned while we get our underwater camera photos developed.

Disney? Was a blast! Because it was off-season, we were able to blow through ALL 4 of the parks in 4 days without missing much ... and we spent 6-7 hours in each park. We happened to be in town the same week as the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot. Pretty sure I ate and drank my way around the world on Monday.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter .... would have been awesome had it not been so flippin crowded. Reminded me of DisneyLand on a summer afternoon. Which translates into = so busy it was the exact opposite of fun.  BUT! I waited in line for a butter beer, which turned out to be the longest wait for a cream soda that I've ever had in my life .... and we procured wands from Ollivander's cart! I got Harry Potter's wand ... and Drew got Voldemort's. Totally going on display in our living room shelves above the couch. :P

So .. that's the short version.
I'm married. We had a great vacation and spent an exorbitant amount of $$ (but cmon ... it's a vacation!) ... and now it's back to real life.  And finding a bigger living situation!


  1. Yay, super jealous right now! Looks like it was a great vacation! =D

  2. That looks awesome! I'm so glad you guys were able to take the time to do a honeymoon. Ben and I never got to do one, and I've always wanted one real bad. It looks like you guys had a blast!!! You both deserved it! For sure!

  3. Can I tell you how freaking jealous I am that you went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Like super, super jealous. I definitely use my cape from marching band and dress up as Ginny for Halloween...

    I'm so glad you had an awesome honeymoon. Now, onto married life!