Sunday, October 3, 2010


Today, one of my besties: Tara, is throwing me an epic bachelorette party ... er, bachelorette brunch. She's gone to endless lengths and in case I forget (and I won't) ... THANK YOU FOR THROWING ME A PARTY! And for being willing to punch Joel in the face because Joel is just ... not smart. I still don't think using a sexual orientation excuses you from being a dick.

My Mommy is here! YAY!!! Do I really need to get into any more depth than that? I used to live in CA. Now I live in Maine; couldn't get farther away from "home" if I tried. But she's here now. :)

I had this epic dream last night that Portland Magazine hired me? And I was SUPER stoked because it meant I didn't have to go back to Olive Garden in three weeks. Twas a really good dream; especially the "no more Olive Garden" part.

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