Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog Awards!

Thank you so much, Ines for this award! :))

10 things I like

1) Pastrami sandwiches, although I have yet to find a deli that can top The Stage Deli in NYC
2) Weather being crisp enough to wear sweatshirts
3) the smell of asphalt after the rain
4) Snuggling with husband after he gets home from work
5) My cat, Athena. She's recently decided that she likes to spoon in the AM
6) Theater Arts
7) All-day trail rides on horseback
8) The beach. Maine might be cold, but I'm 10 minutes from the coastline
9) Portland Headlight


  1. I have no idea what a lobster roll is but I want one.

  2. Bitch, you just had to mention lobster rolls! Argh! Wash it down with a Whoopie Pie while you're at it! =P