Monday, November 22, 2010

The Great Dog Debate

Finding a canine for our home has been nothing short of a challenge. Would you believe that finding an animal that's under 55lbs per our apartment weight restrictions, is cat savvy (aka: won't eat Athena or chase her until the cows come home) and finally, one that we BOTH like ... feels per near impossible?

Most shelters are completely permeated with pitbulls, which is all fine and good ... except that loving a pitbull comes with so many strings attached. If it isn't being unable to find an apartment or townhouse to rent, it's going to be astronomical home owner's insurance. And if it isn't any of those things, it's getting shit from people about the breed. Now the irony here? I've met some seriously foul tempered labs, hounds and golden retrievers ... but no one makes a fuss over those breeds. So when Drew and I saw little itty bitty Hogan (pitbull) at the shelter, all 30 pounds and knee-high height of him ... we wanted to sign the adoption papers right there. It took a lot to walk away from the cage and not ask to meet him up close and personal. Unfortunately, having a pit just isn't worth the lifetime of hassle for us.

So we've settled on the idea of maybe getting a Boxer instead. But the real trouble? Is finding a petite one under 55lbs ... unfortunately, it's a large breed and even the females are 60lbs+. That, and all 3 rescues in the New England area seem to have trouble responding to emails after 4 weeks and 2 or 3 reminder emails. Seems that the only way we're getting a Boxer is if we (gulp) get a puppy.

13 week female American Boxer
Cost: $350
Location: McClure, PA

- Boxer
- Young
- Not a banned breed

- PUPPY!!! 
- not housebroken
- not trained
- not spayed
- needs all vaccines
- Drew works 14 hour days, which means it's going to be Taryn's damn responsibility
- might be "too" interested in the cat
- unable to tell how large or small she will eventually be

3 year old male American Cocker Spaniel
Cost: $350
Location: Gorham, ME

- 30 pounds fully grown, no chance of exceeding weight limit
- male, Drew feels he lives with too many women.
- young
- Mostly trained
- Neutered
- Fully vaccinated
- not a banned breed
- Can be left alone for 6+ hours
- Doesn't mind a crate

- Not a boxer. Drew is not keen on the idea of such a "feminine" dog
- Not fully housebroken
- Needs work on manners (jumping on people, proper way to greet new dogs etc)
- Drew works 14+ hours per day ... so this is going to be Taryn's responsibility

Like I said.
The great Dog debate continues. I want Drew to have a Boxer, honestly, I do. I have an intrinsic attachment to Cockers because I grew up with one ... but I don't want to break any rules with the apartment as far as the boxer is concerned. I know that there's a really good chance that the puppy is going to be somewhere between 55-65lbs, while males are 65-75lbs. 


  1. I noticed that you love doing the round up each week! Would you like to host it next friday????

  2. Funny, I am in the process of figuring out what dog to rescue...I am going for a Chi-Weenie though as I have even higher restrictions for the plane ride home - 15lbs..and I have no man living with me to complain about the breed :) Good luck with the search! I always just have trouble because I want to rescue them all...Oh and I wouldn't adopt a puppy...just because puppys always find a home and no one ever takes the adults home :(

  3. I love pit bulls! We have had a couple as pets, and they are quite frankly the best dogs we have ever had! I would love to get one when we move, but as you said it is hard to get one when you are living in an apartment. I hope your search goes well!!

  4. Be careful with Boxers, they may not be a "banned breed" in Maine, but here in Boston they're on the list of "aggressive breeds" along with Pits and German Shepherds.

    Marc has a Shiba Inu. He's a manly dog and he's all of 16 pounds. I've never had a dog, but now I can't imagine life without one.

    Good luck with your search, and keep us updated!

  5. I get the debate about dogs.

    We have two pit bulls who are big babies and wouldn't hurt a soul. I wouldn't trade them for the world. They love our cats...sometimes a bit too much but they don't hurt them they like to give them kisses. We own our home so it makes a difference too. They are also 65lbs a piece.

    Boxers are great dogs! They do get big though. But they are great with kids at least the ones I've met have been.

    Be careful with Cockers...they can suffer from "Rage Syndrome" so you'll want to do some research on their breeding. I've had friends have problems with them.

    All that being said there really isn't a bad breed it is in how they are bred and raised.

  6. Boxers kinda give me the creeps! I love our little mutt :)

    And omg...a whole book of whoopie pies?! point me in the right direction!