Friday, November 5, 2010

"Hey, in 10 minutes it's lunchtime!"

It's cold and rainy here in Maine. A little unusual for this time of year, but I'll take rain over snow. I'm really REALLY jealous of the 86-100 degree temps in SoCal this week.

But, I think the only thing in my possession that will reach a temp of 86-100 degrees is my cup of coffee. Freshly brewed coffee. But we're out of cream at the magazine, so whipped cream and a little extra sugar will have to suffice.

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  1. Funny thing, I'm sort of jealous of everyone with the changing seasons right now! I saw two trees with changing leaves the other day and was so excited. The grass is always greener, I suppose haha. (Now, catch me in January and I'll be THRILLED I'm here in SoCal!)