Monday, November 8, 2010

The Meaning of the Word "Stupid"

Sometimes, people make me wonder about the meaning of the word "stupid".
A week or so ago ... there was 20 year old girl that I work with that was braggingabout the fact that she drove home not only shit-face drunk, but high as a kite on god knows what cocktail of illegal drugs. And I stood at the computer with my eyes bugged clear out of my head.
She's got to be kidding ... is she serious? Because that's not funny.
So I asked her ... "Tell me you're joking."
And she laughed and said, "No, I'm totally serious."

I'm a little person, but I take no shit off of people. So I approached her, right up into her personal space and she backed up until she has against a wall. I got right up in her face and said it wasn't funny, it wasn't cool, and she was absolutely going to kill someone and it was going to be someone that was completely innocent, just trying to get home from work. I asked her why she didn't call a cab or a friend or stay the night or leave her car there and she gave me some flip response about it not being "cool".

I'm not her mother. But I read the paper, and it breaks my heart when people are killed because of drunk drivers. That scenario is completely preventable. If you don't value your own life, then value someone else's.

If I know her, she's not going to care about anything that I said that afternoon. Nothing is going to sink in. I can't look at her the same way knowing that she stupidly sees no problem with driving drunk and driving high. Part of me hopes that she plows herself into a tree, but that wouldn't be a fantastic situation either.

When did society become so reckless? So stupid? So careless with not only their life but with someone else's? It's never the jackass of a person that gets plowed into; it's always in innocent person trying to make it home. Why can't people do the responsible thing and just call a cab or a friend?


  1. It's hard to be responsible when you have impaired judgement like being drunk or high. Unfortunately, perhaps maybe she was never taught any different. Sad.

  2. She SHOULD drive into a tree so the rest of us can keep our faith in natural selection. Egads.