Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So much for wordless

Rule #1 of being Taryn: you find it extremely difficult to be quiet for 5 minutes. I'm the jerkface that talks through movies, too. DH is constantly shushing me and telling me to "watch and see".


Quote of the day: "Taryn, can we please move back to San Diego? It's frickin cold here, and D.C. isn't going to be much warmer!"

Says the guy from Bangor, Maine.

Milestone #1: D-Man and I finally decided on a pooch! If all goes well, we'll be picking up the fuzzy-furry-floppy-eared dude from my Dog Debate post in a week or so (I don't actually know what state he's being fostered in; if it's in GA ... it might take some time to get him up to Maine.) If anyone cares, we're adopting him from Life's Little Paws, a rescue group specializing in sight-challenged Cockers. (Cockers, for those who aren't aware ... are subject to all kinds of nasty eye problems. Without a vet visit, these problems left unchecked can oftentimes result in blindness and/or removal of the eye entirely). I don't mind paying the $350 adoption fee for a completely healthy dog, I'd probably spend double on a pup from a breeder.

Now, "Sebastian" (he needs a new name ... Drew wants to give him a Red Sox'ish name. Youkilis is his favorite player, so I think I'll be yelling "YOOOUUKK!" a lot.) isn't sight challenged. He's 3, full of spunk ... and needs some help in terms of housebreaking and obedience classes. Aka: The Crate will be our best buddy. Annnd a baby gate to keep him in the complete indestructable kitchen if we're going to be gone much longer than 6 or 7 hours. Totally fine with me if he has an accident on tile. I'd moan and groan if he had an accident on carpet.

PS: Drew absolutely consented. I didn't trick him.
He won't be disappointed. Sure, Cocker Spaniels look all feminine ... but they rough-house like big dogs.
I grew up with a Cocker, my parents have 2 ... we're just a Cocker loving family. That will eventually add an American Boxer to the mix when he's OUT of the Marine Corps and we're buying a house in SoCal. Yes, friends. I know this. That, and I'm absolutely jealous that Sarah & Ben are at the buy-a-first-home stage of life.


  1. Well, if Ben can ever guarantee me he isn't going to get orders. He refuses to call the monitor because he's afraid it will inspire the guy to move him out of state... hmpf! He's crazy if he thinks I am spending $200k and crossing my fingers we don't get randomly moved. NUT CASE!

  2. You and me both! I just did a not-so-wordless wednesday post, and I'm gearing up for another post.

  3. I wish I had more time to write, Ben ruined my blog. LOL. He came home and now I have less time to write. HA! :P

  4. Yay!!! Congrats on your new baby!!! :-)