Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That Darn Cat!

There are several facts of life that should be debated.

The first fact of life: why is it that Athena has a perfectly good bowl of water, but she insists on drinking out of the Christmas Tree stand ... or my glass of water? And she'll do it repeatedly: I've scared her off at least 5 times, and that dumbass keeps coming back.



  1. My cat loves to lick the condensation off the outside of my cup, even though he knows better. I guess it just taste better than their water.

  2. Pine trees are toxic to kittehs! As is the water -- the sap leaks out and contaminates it. I'm sure a couple of licks won't do any damage, but it's definitely not a habit she should be encouraged to continue. I find a good spritz from a container of compressed air pretty effectively keeps Archie away permanently.