Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Seeing Dollar Signs yet?

Puppy = $550
Supplies = $200
Toy for the cat because I felt a little bad donating most of hers to charity= $9
Tolls to get down to PA and then back to Maine = $40
Gas = $30 x 4 tanks. Probably 5 because husband doesn't believe in going any slower than 80 on the highway. I secretly hope he gets pulled over one day. But then I don't really want to pay for his speeding ticket ... so maybe not?
New Li-Ion Battery for the Mac because we managed to toast it = $130
10,000 Mile Maintenance for the Corolla = $30, assuming all it needs is an oil change and tire rotation and the brakes checked.
Making more than min payments on credit cards = $300
Bills = $300


Seriously? Make it stop. Being an adult sometimes sucks.


  1. Being an adult sucks bigtime. I was thinking the same thing today since I have to take 2/3 of the pups to the vet tomorrow. My hubs can't budget AT ALL so that leaves me the responsible one who pretty much pays all of the bills.