Sunday, January 23, 2011

Modern day sentiment

What you don't understand
I'd catch a grenade for you
Throw my hand on the blade for you
I'd jump in front of a train for you
You'd know I'd do anything for you
I'd go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain
Guess I would die for you, baby

I'm a passionate woman.
Stubborn to a fault.
And above all: vocal. 
This combination of traits can make for a force to reckon with, in both a positive and a negative light. 
Thank you: for weathering the Taryn storms. 
But maybe the biggest part of me? Is a really big heart. 
And yes, I'd catch a grenade for you.


  1. This is beautiful! and a great song might I add. And you can only hope there are others just as passionate who would do the same.

  2. I am loving your emotional posts here lately!