Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Too Much?

I wonder if I’m going to be stretching myself a little thin sometimes. Because my admin job is only part time without a set schedule, I asked the Olive Garden not to have me scheduled any earlier than 5:15 M-Fri on the assumption that I’ll be at the office until 5.

As it is, I'm currently getting up at 5AM to walk the dog, shower, get ready and work my 8 hour office day … and promptly head down the street to Olive Garden where I’ll inevitably be a closing shift and won’t get out until 10PM at the earliest. AKA: 14-15 hour days x 3 days a week. I suddenly understand why my husband is so exhausted when he gets home; but his 14-15 hour days are every single day ending in “y”.

Is it possible to install a permanent caffeine drip? I think I’m going to need it at the rate I’m going. And somewhere in there, I really need to squeeze in my 2 mile runs … somewhere between being a couch potato at home and sitting in an office chair, I’ve managed to put on 3 pounds over the course of 2 weeks; which really isn’t all that fantastic.

So … anyone that can add a few extra hours to the beginning or the end of my day would be a hero. 30 hours in a day would be lovely.

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