Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tail-Wagging Tuesday

If you've ever met my cat ... you know that this is her apartment, and we just live here with her. The dog however? Far less prissy.

This week, the prompt was about where our critters like to sleep. For Athena, this has turned into a multitude of places ... and it's kinda been that way since day one.

In the windowsill ...

In her bed...

In Mom's arms while she's  on the computer ...

Sometimes the sink

But the dog? She'd be perfectly happy sleeping on the floor. However, we do put her in a crate at night in our bedroom.

Don't let the photo fool you ... she's still got plenty of clearance on the "roof" for her head

By far? Her favorite spot is the couch.


  1. Is it just me or do all cats run the home? Basil clearly let's us know who is boss.........And what is it with cats and sinks?!

  2. Aww your kitty looks like my two kitties put together!

  3. Oh they are both so cute! I can't pick who is cuter. :)

    I love the one of your kitty in the sink--too cute!

  4. My cats run our house too! Daisy & Braveheart run my dogs pretty much too! Adorable pics, Taryn! :)

  5. THank you so much for linking up!! I'm sorry I am a day late commenting, I was totally not near my computer at all yesterday!

  6. TOO CUTE! One of my cats has taking to napping on top of the dogs toys in the toy basket. This is not good for the dogs. I think she's doing it on purpose. Animals are funny that way...cats especially.