Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boo-Hoo and an Oorah

Linking up with A Monkey in the Navy for this meme.

Boohoo: I love my husband. I swear I do. But I'm tired of the frivolous spending that can very easily be avoided. I told him two weeks ago that I moved $1,000 into savings ... and in the last two weeks? Has spent $130 on whatever it is that he's buying.  MULTIPLE $8-$10 purchases a day at gas stations. $48 at the Nouria energy store. Lunch in Auburn or Lewiston. Insert freaking hair pulling here. So, instead of the $200+ that should be sitting in checking right now? We're -$55. I'm ticked off that he's too lazy to pack a lunch and drink coffee at home instead of buying it. I also can't pick up doubles at the restaurant, because I can't count on him to be home before 10pm, and I just don't have it in me to lock up the puppy for 12 hours. Chances are she'll destroy something out of boredom.

Oorah: I'm spending tomorrow morning my bestie for the finale of Grey's! We're going tanning (I have a free visit card, otherwise I'd say I'm too broke to spend the cash on it!), and then hanging out watching the finale before she has to head off for a rehearsal dinner. We work opposite schedules, so our time to see each other is pretty limited.


  1. Hi! Thanks for linking up!

    Man I know what you mean about the nickle and dime spending!!! My ex used to do that on junk food! Literally hundreds of dollars a month on extra snacks and expensive lunches instead of packing one. I finally had to institute a monthly allowance for each of us just so he had something that he had to stay within. It was the only way I could keep our budget in check!!!

    Have fun with your bestie!
    See ya 'round! :)

  2. I finally put my foot down with my husband about doing that. It was getting ridiculous. We save 250 dollars a month now, and he finally sees what kind of damage it can cause to constantly buy lunch.

  3. True story: I opened up a separate savings in my name only. No, The Ben doesn't NOT have access to it, he just needs a good reason to access the money and would need me to get it out for him, which I would gladly do in a NEEDED situation. :) Desperate times call for desperate measures.