Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Boohoo and an Oorah

Linking up with a Monkey in the Navy today ...

BooHoo: I wasn't supposed to be closing the Olive Garden yesterday; in fact, I was in the cafe which meant a super early out-time. Except ... my general manager pulled both cafes, sent a server home ... and I ended up closing. A table walked in at 9:59, ordered an appetizer that takes a good 10-15 minutes to prepare and an entree that takes 15 minutes ... and a dessert that took 10 minutes to bake. By the time that they finished everything, it was pushing 11:00. I must've fallen asleep closer to 1 in the morning, and up I got at 5AM to get ready for the office this morning. My boohoo? I'm freakin exhausted.  Stupid Olive Garden ...

Oorah: Doggy Daycare for Bristol today, which meant I didn't have to get up even earlier this morning to walk her. Something about playing around with other dogs for a solid 10 hours just wipes her out for 2 days. Sweet deal! Anyone care to take a stab at how tired she'd be if I took her more than once a week??


  1. Thanks for linking up for the inaugural Meme!
    I hate it when managers pull stuff like that and you're forced to just deal with it, never mind you have a life outside of your job!
    Good thinkn doggy daycare saved the day and let you sleep in just a little bit!

  2. It made me tired just to read your boohoo! Sorry your manager was so lame.