Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boohoo & an Oorah (week 3)

Linking up with Monkey in the Navy!

BooHoo: Bristol this week ... has developed possession aggression toward other dogs. A consultation with a behavioral specialist is in order, along with a few weeks of private in-home training. We may be borrowing my neighbor's dog, Haley, a calm-submissive Boxer to help with Bristol's redirection. She's very respectful toward humans and will surrender absolutely anything, be it a toy or her the spot she was just sitting in. While this is a bump on the road, I like to think of it as my 8.5mo old puppy testing her boundaries and see where I'm going to draw the line in the sand. Line has been drawn, pup. Gig is up.

Oorah: In addition to moving into our new townhouse on Saturday, it finally stopped raining! After a week's worth of overcast and 5 inches of rain, I was very excited to the see sunshine. To "celebrate", I went for a 2 mile run. 90% humidity + 70 degree weather = exhausting. Luckily, Bristol was my little pace-car this afternoon. I don't jog with her very often because I'm worried about taking her too far, but today? She was my little engine that could.


  1. Hey! Thanks for linking up!
    Your pup sounds remarkably like a toddler. :) She'll come around, you're the boss!

  2. Following your blog!! Found you through Mrs. Monkey!! =) I love fur babies.. Mine is still a baby yet.. 5 months old!! Sheesh!! Crazy howm uch we love them like little people!! <3 Best wishes! =D