Monday, June 13, 2011

The Honey "Don't" List

Disclaimer: I love my husband I love my husband I love my husband. Deeply. Passionately. Especially when he’s being an uber-goober.

But then of course, there are the days that I slide out of bed at 6AM, groggily pad my way into the bathroom … and I notice that there is an empty tube of TP in the holster; and a brand new one sitting on the floor right beneath it. Alright … mildly annoying, but I can go ahead and put the TP on the roll ….

And then I step on the pile of wet towels from his shower. Kay. Not a big deal … I’ll hang them up. No one likes moldy smelling towels.

Then I notice at 6:30, that he still hasn’t gotten out of bed to walk the dog –and considering we’re both going to be gone for 8+ hours; it’s pretty imperative that she have a nice long walk. So I sigh and put the harness on Bristol, and take her out for a 1mi stroll. Not a big deal in the long run.

But then I get ready to leave for work, and I notice that husband has left the front door wide open. And my kitty is a Maguiver and can push open the storm door. At this point, I freak out and go running through the woods calling for Athena, who pops up out of a fern to put a chipmunk at my feet. Thanks, kitty (not bad for a declawed cat, eh?). Darn it, husband! The furry beasts are my kiddos; don’t lose ‘em!

I finally make it to work, open up our bank website to check things out … and I notice that husband has been buying lunch every single day, plus multiple stops to the gas station. What the heck do I bother buying lunch meat for, anyway? Never mind the fact that all these eating-out excursions = expensive when you’re doing it every day.

I really need a “bang head here” sign.
I love my husband.
But boy, this morning? Add all those things to the list of “DON’T DO IT”! Of course, I’m sure his list of Taryn-grievances are just as long.

Please tell me I’m not an awful wife and your husband has one or two things up his sleeve that you wish he just wouldn’t do.


  1. I just giggled reading your post because that was my night last night. I worked all day and the hubby had a list of things to do, well the Gator baseball game ran long and then he went to spinning class. Great, now on my day off I'm left picking up everything! Damn husbands, lol. Oh well, they are good for other things. :)

  2. Um, I could have written this! :) As you can tell from my latest post, my hubby has a few habits that make me want to bang my head against a wall, too. I totally understand with the lunch thing. And he also leaves empty TP rolls in the bathrooms. I guess it's a guy thing?

  3. Oh geez, you're not a bad wife at all! I usually tell my husband he has 48 hours to fix it or I'll fix it my way and he can live with the consequences of whatever that will be. ;)

  4. Not a bad wife at all! And I think the TP thing might be a guy thing... my hubby does it ALL the time.

  5. I have to agree with the TP thing. And its always that little things that seem to drive us nuts. And I've just started down the married path...this should be interesting.

  6. I feel you with the eating out thing! I have actually gone as far as to take the ATM card away from the hubs unless he has a legit need for it! He is just way too tempted to swipe! I think men are born without the amount of common sense women are, they make up for it in other areas like being the killer of the huge spiders on the ceiling, but we love em faults and all!