Friday, July 15, 2011

MilSpouse Weekly Roundup #44

Wow ... I haven't participated in a Weekly Roundup in quite awhile! 
This week has been ... well ... a mix of lackluster and a bang.
I was so excited to see photos of one of my best friends (Erin) at USAF Basic Military Training this week!
[See this post]
Drew and I are more than ready to leave for Orange County in SoCal on vacation tomorrow!
I think we both really need a break from life.
I'm so excited to spend time doing the things I loved doing before we moved to Maine.
Is that a bad thing? (Well, only if we consider wakeboarding, wine tasting in one of Temecula's many wineries and DisneyLand on a regular basis a bad thing)
Embarrassing: we're leaving the dog and the cat at a kennel for the week, and I'm nervous.
Bristol will be fine. It'll be like doggy daycare for a whole week.
And Athena? She'll sit in front of a window and sun herself like she always does.
But I'm still a little anxious about leaving "my babies" in someone else's care.
Time is ticking ... Drewby will be meeting with the SgtMajor to talk about what our options are going to be for PCSing to a new unit this time next year.
It's really a pull in two directions, are we going to our nation's capitol? 
Or are we going back to sunny San Diego?
We'll find out for sure in January.
Holy crap.

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