Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ch-ch-changes !!

I still can't believe that in less than a year, we'll be on a plane heading for somewhere new. Drew is allowing me to choose the location we head to next (provided they have a slot for an E5 electrician) and unfortunately, nearly all Naval bases are out of the equation, because they have their own electricians. It might be possible to get stationed in say ... Naples, Italy if he applied as Admin.  (And you can bet your ass that I squealed like a small child. It's really too bad that admin would likely kill his upward-moving career; because Taryn loves pasta. Taryn loves the idea of Europe. Taryn would absolutely learn Italian. Taryn would stalk the Jersey Shore crowd if'n they went back to Florence...)

We have officially put in a request to transfer to one of the following locations (in order of preference):

1. Marine Corps Detachment @ Fort George Meade, MD    [halfway between D.C. & Baltimore]
2. Marine Barracks Washington D.C. @ 8th & I Streets, D.C.   [15min from Capitol Hill]
3. Marine Corps Detachment @ Naval Air Station Oceana, VA  [Virginia Beach]
4. MCB Kane'ohe Bay, HI  [near Honolulu]

Please note: We did not put MCAS Miramar or MCB Camp Pendleton on the list.
My theory?
We have at least 11 years left in the Marine Corps. I love SoCal -- but it'll break my heart to move a second time. Besides ... if I have an opportunity to live in D.C. ?? I'm taking it.

This is an exciting transition in our lives. I'm putting all my hopes and lucky stars on one of the 2 D.C. locations ... but the unfortunate truth is that space is limited and it's exceedingly tricky to get stationed there. But that doesn't really stop me from wishin' and hopin' and prayin'.

Now here's the crappy part: we've been anxiously anticipating this meeting with SgtMajor for what, 6 months? And now it's here and we likely won't have official orders until Jan or Feb of 2012. That's a long time to wait in my little mind.


  1. Those would all be great places to live!

  2. LOL, I would so stalk the JS crowd, too, if I were in Italy!

    MCB Kaneohe is very beautiful. I has some of the best scenery on the island, and you can't top the picnic-worthy sandbar right in the middle of the bay off base. I don't know much about the other areas, but K-Bay (as it's known) is a great place to be! Good luck! We're also waiting on orders sometime in March, but who knows what we'll get. :)

  3. My husband was in the Navy and stationed at NAS Oceana his entire career. It's a pretty little place but they don't call it the "black hole" for nothing - once you're in, chances are you won't get out. ;)

  4. Well I've been at Meade and now at K-bay... so if either of those are your destination let me know if you've got any questions =)

  5. Those are exciting choices! Glad you had the option. My Airman would tell me to get over it and we are going wherever he wants. ahaha

    I would still totally choose Cali over DC though! :P

  6. @Melanie: I lived in SoCal for well over 10 years and I loved it! I wasn't what you would call "thrilled" about moving to Maine for recruiting duty ... but I just don't want to deal with moving away from CA in 3-4 years. I would much rather spend it somewhere new and save San Diego for our last rotation.

    As far as your S/O telling you to suck it up and go where he wants to go? I'd have a few words to say to my husband for being so selfish! We're in this together, and I have a career to think about and thrive in, too. I appreciate that he's allowing me to have a say in this. He knows that I'm hardly the stay-at-home type, and that I love the buzz and rush from a large city.

    Besides, for this little Yuppie (Young Urban Professional), I'd be tickled pink for an opportunity to be within 15min of Capitol Hill.

  7. D.C. Would be Awesome! The wait does suck...hubby put in a package a couple months ago for MSG duty...still no word. I'm sure you'll end up loving anywhere. I guess we always make the best of whereever we go.