Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hump Day

I really couldn't think of anything original for this post ... but let's recap the last two days:

1. I had this horrible thought ... I had given my dog the store-brand version of CLARITIN instead of BENADRYL like I had thought. And then it occurred to me that holy hell ... I overdosed her. I got a little paranoid that I killed my dog. (She was fine, by the way. Just ... a little bit on the amped side)

2.Somehow ... our power company didn't get paid this month. Strikes me as odd considering we have an electronic withdrawal set up. So imagine our surprise when Drew gets home at 5:01pm and there's a big fat notice on our door. (WHY do they do that?? Now all my neighbors think we're deadbeats who don't pay utilities). So he gives our power company a call (at 5:02) ... and they're closed. Drew doesn't really check his email that often ... and apparently they sent him an e-mail a week ago?  But I was more surprised that they didn't send something in the US Mail .. paperless or otherwise, that's a REALLY good thing to consider mailing out to your customers....

Case in point: thankfully, I didn't have much in the fridge ... but all of our perishables are clearly not useable. Is this something I can have my Renter's Insurance pay for? It wasn't like we were TOTAL deadbeats; our power company for whatever reason didn't process this month's payment ... technically not my fault. They've had all of that information for 3 months.

 3. Didn't I just blog about how frustrated I was that recruiters that started after we did had orders already? And that I felt that less than 6months notice was a little, well .. inconsiderate? I think I'm going to shut up. An acquaintance of mine that is stationed in Okinawa, Japan knew their orders were going to be for Camp Pendleton. Orders were expedited and they've been waiting ... and waiting ... and told to wait a little more (read: 2 weeks total). Her husband came home the day before yesterday and said that they should anticipate another 2 weeks before they leave Japan. Yeah, well, they got their official orders the next day. She leaves in 2 days. How God's name is her husband supposed to check out of his unit, return CIF  gear, get TMO to box all their items, government furniture picked up, house cleaned and expected, sell the Japanese car, shut off international cell phones etc etc etc ...

I think if it were reversed? I'd be having a small panic attack.
Bottom line: I need to quit my bitching. If anything, I suffer from a severe lack of patience. I will consider myself lucky if I get 90 days of notice. Matter of fact, I think 14 days would be a hell of a lot better than 48 hours. 

4. Drew's 28th birthday is this weekend. I can't believe how big a deal his family makes for his and his twin brother Brent's birthday! His grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousin are driving the 6+ hours from Stroudsburg, PA to Kennebunk. His brother, sister-in-law, nephew and his SIL's parents are driving up on Saturday morning. His older brother, other sister in law, and niece are driving down from Lincoln. And then add in all the relatives that are here in Maine ... we're looking at 15-20 people hanging out for their birthday.

Is it bad that my family has never made THAT big of a deal about a birthday? I mean, don't get me wrong ... I got phone calls and cards and such ... but it was never quite the big "to do" that Drew's family makes it.


  1. Most insurance companies allow you to ask for the money you lost in food, but they require receipts, and it needs to be over a certain amount.

  2. I'm not sure if renters insurance would cover it. I know they will cover it if it goes out due to something you can't prevent, but if it's shut off because you didn't pay....I'm not sure how that works.

    I love birthdays! I wish my parents would come down here to celebrate mine!

  3. Femmina, USAA doesn't ask for receipts. I've claimed food a couple times due to outages here in SoCal and they just ask me to estimate the amount it would cost to replace it all, then they wire it into my bank within a few days. Easy peasy with USAA. :) I highly recommend them!