Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer ?!

It was 36 degrees this morning.
Where exactly did summer go??
Of course ... Nicole was visiting in nearby Kennebunk this past week, and I was super disappointed that I wasn't able to get out of work that evening to meet up with her! What I really want to ask her of course ... is why on EARTH did she bring chilly weather with her?! (I tease, of course. Jacksonville, NC is a much more mild climate than Maine is this time of year).

Today is brisk enough that I really feel the need to swing by the farm stand on my way home to pick up some Mums and Pumpkins.

... and I'm secretly hoping I haven't killed my dog.
She's had a skin allergy for the last 2 weeks that just won't go away (part of me is worried that she's allergic to her new food; I switched her to ProPlan from Blue Buffalo in August) so this morning ... I figured 1mg per pound of dog ... and since my store-brand anti-histamine pills are 10mg each ... I gave her two. And THEN read the back of the box: "Adults: Do Not Exceed More Than 1 Pill in 24 Hours."

Oh friggin facepalm.
Is it possible to kill your 25 pound dog with antihistamines?
I did give her the non-drowsy version ...  but really now. I felt bad that she's been scratching uncomfortably for the last 2 weeks, and medicated oatmeal/tea tree oil shampoos haven't helped.


  1. aw cheer up! Lucky for you, I come home A LOT...we'll meet up eventually!! (And since you just blogged about not knowing when you'll find out the next duty have something to look forward to now!)

    I'm sure the puppy is fine!

  2. Your dog's probably fine! My vet told me I could give my (then) 15 pound puppy 1/2 a 25 mg Benadryl every four hours to keep her sedated after she was spayed. Have you tried any of the hydrocortisone sprays? They sell them at pet stores, as well as Target and Walmart. They've been a lifesaver for my dog with allergies.

  3. I have NOT tried hydrocortisone sprays ... I'll have to give it a shot! Thanks for the tip!