Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Un-planned Pregnancies

When Drew and I were first married, people at his office were saying that we'd be pregnant whether we liked it or not before our first anniversary.  I was pretty peeved with that assumption. But then I smiled an evil smile and asked Drew to have them up the anty... I'd love to cash in on October 8 when every single one of them is dead wrong.

But here's the cruel irony: everyone in the office that MADE that statement? Has found themselves with an un-planned pregnancy. A "surprise" they didn't know they wanted.

You know ... it's a damn shame that pharmaceutical companies haven't come up with a pill that a woman can take that all but eliminates the element of surprise ... the best part is, I pay $3 for a generic brand. Tell me you can't afford $3.
Or even $20.
At one point, I was paying $50/month for those bad boys because my medical insurance was crap. I figured $50/month was a LOT better than paying for diapers every month.

I guess I'm not so much peeved about all the un-planned pregnancies in the world ... but more that the people that pointed their finger and chuckled at me and insisted I'd be a mother before I turned 26? Are the ones that seem to habitually suffer from "oops".


  1. hahah LOVE this post.

    In my neigborhood its very typical for a woman to become pregnant before the age of 19. I never understood why women don't spend more money on using birth control.

  2. I have no idea why this is such a huge part of this duty. I had the same things happen and here we are baby free so the rumor is we have issues in our marriage or I can't get pregnant because I'm older...because 33 is freaking ancient, lol
    I gave up trying to explain our reasoning a long time ago. I do feel so though for the women out here that use pregnancy as a way to try and hold together a crumbling marriage. Or who think the husband will be home more because the boss will feel for them. I'm sure this is part of the reason our RS holds the record for the highest divorce rate :(

  3. the same thing happened when DH and I got married. everyone swore we'd get pregnant before our first anniversary...i just wish i coudl've betted on it :)
    us women are so lucky that the concept of birth control isn't taboo anymore. we have the ability to make something of ourselves and to not worry. its a pill...and inexpensive pill (free from tricare!).
    DH and i want kids but right now we are planning our life so that when we do decide to have some we don't get thrown into the whole ordeal of being stuck with no money.
    great post!

  4. I SO know what you mean. Oh my gawd. It made me sooo mad when Lance and I got married.
    Also, it irks me to no end when people are like "SO when are you finally getting pregnant?!" Seriously people, we've barely been married a year, I still have a few years to go in my education. We are taking our stinkin time., just because every other person has children within a year of being married in the military does not mean I have to too...
    Anyways.. that was my rant haha

  5. Not everyone believes in birth control, my friend. There are a lot of people who believe that children should be left up to God & there is nothing wrong with that. So that's probably where a lot of the "unplanned" part comes from, especially if the couple isn't opposed to having children in the first place. It's against my religion, but I use it anyway because I have things to do and just can't "leave it up to God" just yet. Perhaps that makes me a bad Catholic, but again... I guess I'll leave that judgement up to God. ;)

    Now, people who use birth control; it's user default. They either forget the pill, don't take it at the right time, or haven't been on it long enough before they start having unprotected sex. There's the small margin though of do everything right and still have a boo boo but, that's a small margin. The majority of oopises is user default. By the way, if you want 99% protection with user default eliminated- go for an IUD, all you need is a referral to get one and Tri-Care will approve it for FREE and they last up to 10 years- some are even free of hormones.

    and FYI- my BC at the NH is FREE- yes, that's F-R-E-E.

  6. I have heard a lot of unplanned pregnancies before from friends. Kinda frustrating when you know they cant afford it or having martial problems, and a baby isn't going to make it better. All of my kids were 110% planned and I felt the need to have children. 21 years old with 4 children and ready to have our 5th baby.