Friday, October 28, 2011

MilSpouse Friday fill-in

1. The best part of October was being able to take a weekend trip to Bar Harbor with my husband.

2. The worst part of October was nearly spending more money than we made this month. (I have never been so stressed out in my entire life.)
3. For Halloween, I’ll be handing out candy. No dressing up ... just handing out candy and watching a lot of Grey's Anatomy on DVD.
4. I hope that in November does not result in any drama.


  1. Wow. Those pictures are gorgeous. It looks like the fall!

  2. I think you and I are having the same #2 this month.

  3. Bar Harbor is beautiful! Hopefully you guys had a great time!
    I'm definitely with you on #2 and 3. This month has been crazy getting ready for the move. (We leave socal on the 10th gahhhh)!!!

    My new blog is up and running too at and I'd love for you to follow.

    Happy Halloween!