Friday, November 25, 2011


So I've spent this last autumn training my 14-month old Cocker Spaniel to do some agility. And ah, I've ridden and trained horses ... so I kind of thought it would be pretty similar concepts.

Apples and oranges for the most part; although the body language part of it is pretty spot on. The guise of agility is that it trains your dog. Right now, 99% of what we do is training the "handling" of the dog on the course. But of course, this is my first agility dog. We're both learning as we go.

I like to think we're making progress. Hopefully at some point we'll be ready for a Novice competition. But that's assuming I can friggin train weave poles. (Which, right now? Are the bane of all evil).

I have a freakin new-found respect for all the dogs in this video ... and good grief, can those Border Collies fly or what?!

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