Monday, November 7, 2011

When the Universe finally cuts you a break...

it would ironically happen on a Monday. I have finally at long last, landed a full time position with a salary. And it couldn't have possibly turned out to be more spot on ... in my mind, I had a number that was best cased scenario and a number that was the minimum I would accept. Wouldn't you know it? They offered me the best cased scenario without any negotiation.

In two weeks, I officially start my new job as the local sales assistant for an affiliate of the Fox Network. (Yes, the TV broadcast network).  In other words: I get to do almost exactly what I do for the radio station; but for twice as much $$$.

I'm in a little bit of shock; because it means that after 8 years? I can FINALLY quit waiting on tables. I always told myself that the day that I make twice as much as I make waiting tables, that it would be okay to quit. That day has come.

I was pleasantly surprised that the radio group was as excited for me as they were; I know they're sad to lose me, but glad that a window has opened elsewhere. I have an open door here anytime; from career advice to potentially coming back -- which is incredible.

Like I said: today is a GREAT day!


  1. yay congrats for you! Enjoy your new job and income! :)

  2. Yay, T, that is amazing! Congratulations! I am glad you can finally quit the waitressing!

    Btw, I move to - save the new link :)

  3. Hooray! Congratulations! What an exciting new start.