Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Card Review: KM Paperie

I've known Kailey for a long time; try fourteen years! We went to middle school and high school together; and we both have mutual friends. Via Facebook, I've kept up with her while she finished her Graphic Design degree at NAU in Flagstaff, moved to Hawaii with her longtime boyfriend (now husband!!) and watched with awe as she not only started her own business, but flourished with it and expanded to new demographics. She's gradually moved from specializing simply in graphic marketing designs into wedding invitations, and even more recently ... cards for your every day needs! 

Her newest business endeavor? Owning and managing KM Paperie ... a design studio with a focus in wedding invitations. I'd been watching her business for sometime (genuinely proud of her; because how many entrepreneurs fresh out of college end up with the own business??), so imagine my sense of glee when I suddenly noticed she offered holiday card designs! Her work is so stellar that I'd wished she'd had KM Paperie up and running when I was getting married in the fall of 2010 and subsequently ordering invitations earlier in the year. 
Card Design (c) KM Paperie
Photograph (c) Savannah Daras Photography

KM paperie offers both custom and pre-made card desgins priced affordably! After you purchase a design (be it custom or pre-made) -- she creates a secured client page for you that allows for open lines of communication and subsequently the space to upload any design inspiration and a photo you'd like to use for your card! Working with her was seamless -- she was both swift, efficient and professional and I couldn't have been happier when my holiday cards were delivered to my doorstep via FedEx in a timely fashion. I've never sent out cards like this before ... much better than any Shutterfly card I've ever ordered! Her prices are in the same ballpark, but the quality exceeds Shutterfly's tenfold ... why wouldn't you opt for a design from KM Paperie?

As my card arrive to their recipients, the response I've received has been: "Beautiful!" 
"Never seen anything like it!"
"WHERE did you get these, were they expensive?"   (Answer: nope!

Not looking for a holiday themed card? Send her a message ... KM Paperie is available for all occasions. Baby announcement? Party invitation? Change of Address card?? With prices like these and quality that you can't beat ... why shop anywhere else??

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