Saturday, December 3, 2011

Military By Owner

Part of what worries me sometimes, if my husband and I choose not to live on base ... where are we going to find a rental home? (If I can help it: I never want to live in an apartment again).

I learned recently of a pretty fabulous website that I think I should share!

Looking to buy a home?
Looking to rent, like me?

Plug in your state and the base you're with ... and the website will pull listings for you! I feel a little more comfortable with this site than simply trolling Craigslist.

Go on, give it a shot! I can't believe I never knew this website existed!


  1. That's how we found our house here in CT! :) And I've been trolling the site for houses in WA since we got orders.

    Don't discount craigslist (although, be super wary)... we found our CA house on that site, and couldn't have asked for better landlords.

  2. i recently realized this too....just the fact of moving somewhere, not on base, not seeing it..not wanting to pay 500 to fly out there to look at possible house...ugh! I found this site and AHRN (look that one up tayrn) and way more comfortable and way more relaxed about the moving process :)

  3. Just came across your blog! My husband and I found our rental from and could not be happier! I tell all my gf's who complain about living on base and/or their apartments to check the site out :)