Saturday, December 10, 2011

Simple pleasures

Image (c) Stan's Coffee

Sometimes? All you need for all to be right in the world:
is a cup of coffee
 some PJS
 and a 15 month old puppy dog to be blissfully zonked out after this morning's walk + ball chasing session. (Swear on my life, Bristol has two speeds: 1. Full Tilt Boogie  and 2. Stopped.) 

Both of my Brother in Laws, Sister in Laws and 2.5 year old niece and nephew are visiting
from Lancaster, PA  and Lincoln, ME
And while the babies are sleeping (or playing quietly for the moment)
I'm enjoying this quiet moment of bliss

Tell me ... what are some of life's simple pleasures that make everything seem alright in your world?

1 comment:

  1. Some herbal tea, classical music in the background and to be trying out a new baking recipe and I am in heaven :)