Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back to School?

I've been having a crazy hair-brained idea for almost 24 hours now. It occurred to me that most employers are expecting people to be the "whole package", completely well rounded. They expect their employees to not only compose the press releases, but also design the logos and branding images to go along with it.

When I was still working at the radio station, I was asked to design banner ads pretty frequently. What I came up with was completely amateur, but it passed. Now? I'm being asked to design expandable banner ads with animation. Quite honestly? This goes beyond my skillsets.

So I started thinking about perhaps going back to school for an AA/AS or even an AAS in graphic design, visual communications or digital design. Technically, it would all be paid for courtesy of Uncle Sam and the Post 9/11 GI Bill. So ... what do I have to lose? Time? Commitment? The program I'm interested in at a satellite campus of The Art Institute is technically a 30 unit program, but it might take me awhile to complete if I go part time.

I'm not going after this program simply to land a job (although it would be pretty awesome if I did), I'm going after this to improve my skillsets. What better time than the present?? It's a shame I didn't think of this earlier; I could have started on my program here in Maine!

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