Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hips Don't Lie

I looked at myself in my full bra and panties glory this morning ... and winced. I may only weigh 125lbs and have a 22 BMI (technically healthy...) -- but I look terrible. Short and chubby and cellulite and just ... BLEH!

It's time to get serious.
Part of the problem is that sitting in an office chair = lazy as all get out. Luckily, there's a gym less than a mile from my office -- and it seems like they offer fitness classes pretty regularly around lunchtime. I get an hour for lunch, so hey, 30 minute circuit twice a week might just be pert near perfect!

I think the bottom line is I'm not worried about the numbers on the scale right now. I'm more concerned about my measurements according to Sir Tape Measure! Wish me luck -- I'm a pro when it comes to talking myself out of workouts!


  1. Ha, you sound like me :) Pear-shaped and NOT loving it!!
    I've given myself monthly goals to help keep me on track. If I look too long-term, I get discouraged!

  2. You can do it!

    When I was younger, I had no trouble keeping the weight off. Pizza for lunch and McD's for dinner? SURE! Now that my metabolism has slowed and I've had two kids (which, I don't care what anyone says, totally messes with your figure), I simply look at a french fry and gain two pounds.

    Once we move and I get settled with regular child care and preschool, I'll be joining you! :)