Saturday, May 12, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

I know -- I fell off the blog o'sphere. I promise nothing exciting has happened in the last several weeks, unless you count my absolute and utter glee that despite my current suburban location, neighbors have horses and goats. I was licked by a goat today. I saw baby goats today. Hell, I had the pants scared off me by a turkey while I was out. (Seriously -- those bastards are loud! And surprisingly tall...)

But today? It was beautiful. It was 80 degrees out and the only plans I had for the day included getting my car professionally detailed because I had all sorts of unspeakable road nastiness plastered to my front bumper ... and the hood of the car ... and the siding ... and after I had my car detailed, I had a whole day to do whatever I pleased. Drew was in the field for the weekend, knew I wouldn't hear from him until tomorrow at the earliest.

So I drove down to my nearest Barnes & Noble ... and bought a copy of this novel. I've heard many say they couldn't put it down and when a response is THAT good to a book ... I have to have it. Truly, I wasn't disappointed. Shocked perhaps, but certainly not disappointed. I was horrified, terrified ... I cried ... and I read nearly 600 pages in less tahn 6 hours; absolutely eating it up. Tomorrow I'm going back for book 2 and 3.

I won't disclose much, for fear of ruining the read ... but I will say this: erotic content. Brace yourselves for sordid details. The kind that may make you squirm uncomfortably, or blush a shade of scarlet (like I did).

I want to get back into blogging -- even if I have nothing other to talk about than "People watching on the Metro is absolutely entertaining..." (and it is.) I'm finally part to the 21st century with an iPhone 4S -- so I think that means I can start doing more photo posts! (WOO!)

Perhaps I should go back to the neighbor's house and face the damn turkey that scared me shitless... if anything, it'd make for entertaining video. Entertatining as hell, I think.

(PS: Why do people ask such ridiculous questions? No shit, I've been asked "Do you miss your husband" and I want to fire back with a saucy remark. No ... I haven't seen my husband in 30 days and won't see him again for another 30 or so, but hot damn -- it's friggin great living 500+ miles away from my husband and pets! This is a damn vacation! 
Come on now.
I don't like to complain. Or whine. Or make a big show about it. Maybe that's why people feel compelled to ask????  Who knows. The answer is: yes. Absolutely. How could I not miss him? In fact, I can't believe it's only been barely a month; time has been dragging and flying simultaneously. I wish he could fly out here (or me there) for a weekend; but it's a completely impractical use of $300 or so. If I can just hang in there and be patient ... June 14th will be here soon enough.)

Thus the reason I feel okay about spending a small fortune at a book store. Reading gets me lost inside someone else's world.


  1. This should cheer you up

  2. I loved the whole series! I was sorry when I got to the end of the last book.

    As for stupid long as there are stupid people there will be stupid questions.