Monday, June 11, 2012

Tales From My Cube .. Volume 1

Okay, I should back up ... I don't have a cube per se. I share (1) fake wall with the other sales assistant. I have an actual wall on the other side of me. Our desks are more like water coolers in the sense that everyone stops to chat (fine by me! Honey badger don't care).

But I get to hear all kinds of fun stuff emulating from sales managers' offices because of my desk's central location .... IE: My boss on the phone with his 10 year old son.

"Hey buddy! It's your last day of school, enjoy it! Be sure to tell Mrs. Wilson thank you and give her a hug."
"... Why? Because she's been really good teacher for you all year. ... Why give her a hug? Because, pal, sometimes girls like it when you give them a hug."

Yes sir, Mister Boss Man, we do like it when boys gives us a hug for no other reason than to be nice. :)