Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Adult Horse Purchase??

This is a topic that's been weighing on me for several years. When I mention to people that I love horses, I usually get asked if it's terribly expensive? (Answer: Yes. Exoribtantly so.)

Not sure how many of my readers have a horse ... but I think I'll toss it out there anyay. If you own your own horse, how do you make it economical? Chief costs every month = Board, Training + Food. This is something I want, and as I told my husband ... I'll do pert near anything to make this particular dream come to life. If I have to wait 10 years, fine. But I'd rather not.

I figure it's $800 or so for monthly board to include shavings, hay and full-day turnout. Add in another $350/mo for (1) $75 lesson/week. I don't even want to take a guess at how expensive it is for feed, but I do know a SmartPak with joint, insect and electrolyte supplements = $87/mo. In the cooler months, inevitably I can remove the electrolyte and insect supplement.

Farrier/Vet visits ... well, that'll depend on how "foolish" the horse has been in a given month, I suppose.

Bottom line ... horses are endless moneypits. I know this. I accept this. And I'm still willing to go all in.

Likewise ... aka Noggin. Pardon the blurriness ... it's my own fault for handling a feed bucket + trying to take a picture at the same time. His owner is out of country for the next year, and I get the pleasure of riding him full time!

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