Thursday, November 15, 2012


After a heart-to-heart with my bestest pal Tara ... I decided that I had zero real excuse to not get back into blogging, even if it means my only post for the day is: "My cup of Irish Breakfast tea was freaking fantastic". [Although that means it's not an entertaining read for you].

Here's what I've learned: I bet I can kick a deployment's ass and then some. I met my husband after he had already completed (3) tours to Iraq and (1) 2-year unaccompanied tour to Japan. I've never relished the idea of being by myself for 6+ months, but hey ... it is what it is, right? I love him to bits and pieces, it comes with the territory.  Anyhow, so Drew left for an 8-week training course at Camp LeJeune, NC on our wedding anniversary [October 8]. And in that time, I've been keeping myself overwhelmingly busy, if only because running around like a chicken with my head cut off is actually soothing. Lots of time at the barn, walking my dog as often as I have time for, squeezing in yoga when I can. I have however, been failing miserably at actually getting the heck out of the house. That's my next bucket list project -- stop alienating the friends I have down here! [I am so sorry, Rhe!] I've been invited to wine parties, Bunco nights, movie nights, going out for an evening on the town ... and I've said no. Because after a 40 hour workweek, 5 days at the barn, walking the dog 2-3x a day? I'm bushed. And sometimes, a girl just wants to sit on her couch and watch Gilmore Girls completely uninterrupted.

This is the part where I get to my point about knowing I can kick a deployment's ass: I still can't believe it's almost the end of November. I can't believe Drew comes home for good on December 5th. Where in the world did the time go? If 2 months flew by like this, well ... I'm completely confident that I can keep my head above water for an 8+ month deployment. Keeping busy is what I do.

I did decide to scale back my time at the barn, though. Basically: it means I have enough free time to put miss Bristol Sassy Pants back into agility. And you know something? She hasn't forgotten how to work 12 weave poles. I owe it to her to have some fun. I don't know that we've really "played" in awhile.

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