Thursday, December 13, 2012

So are we moving or staying ?!?!

For a girl that married a guy whose career could take us all over the globe, I'm shockingly impatient. On Friday, Drewby told me that after a mere 6mos in DC ... we could (operative word) be moving to Camp LeJeune. (At which point, my heart stopped. I knew we'd be moving at some point down the road, but REALLY? From the nation's Capitol to a humble, seemingly podunk military town? Frankly, I had imagined that the potential of someday would be far, far off in the future and I had more than enough time to soak up experiences, sights and sounds left and right.)

And then it went from being 90% positive we were moving ... to 30% because hey, we need waivers. And Lord knows waivers take awhile. If you're keeping score, it's currently   Taryn: 1   Marine Corps: 0.

And just when I had calmed down and decided hey, I'll be okay in the Jacksonville area -- I'm resilient and only up a creek without a paddle if I choose to be ...

Hello, curve ball #2.
Drewby now wants to put in a warrant officer's package????

You know what, at this point? Just let me know if I need to put all my stuff in a suitcase, because I can't decide if we're staying or going. I'll go with staying until told otherwise.

Anyone else's head spinning? Because this week has been a total whirlwind.


  1. Wow!good luck whatever happens... Let me be the first to tell you Jacksonville is pretty slow. I lived in the DC area my whole life and we just PCSed to Jacksonville in June. Needless to say it's been interesting!

    1. Oboy.
      I had a bit of culture shock when we moved from San Diego to Portland, ME ... I'm wondering if I'll maybe feel the same fish-out-of-water way!

  2. Hopefully your future plans get sorted out soon. I am having a hard time to deal with the uncertainty regarding our next duty station - for my career stuff, I'd like to know as early as possible in order to build back-up plans if need to be. So yeah, my head is spinning for sure.