Thursday, February 5, 2009


I think I've just about had it with medical professionals and the word "OOPS". Let's play word association for a second here... when I say DOCTOR/RN/LN ... ? Your first response should NOT be "Get a second opinion".

The other day (or 2 days ago) ... I was writhing in pain and schlepped myself to the school nurse. Hell, I pay for that health fee with my tuition. I might as well take advantage. Besides: I got my flu shot for $10. Anyhow. They chock my UTI-like symptoms up to nothing more than a massive influx of caffeine and if I just drink a lot of water and lay off the coffee, coke, iced tea whatever ... I'll be fine.

Sure. So I'm drinking H20 like I've walked through the Mojave Desert and I'm massively dehydrated. But I'm still majorly uncomfortable. So I go to my general practicioner this morning because I'm DYING and I can't stand just "waiting" it out for another minute and I just want to know how much longer I have to live like this... and THEY tell me something totally different. They write me a prescription for antibiotics, scare me with a kidney infection threat and then tell me that my school nurse either read my test results wrong or the girl had no idea what she was doing.

To the nurse at school? I WISH THIS AGONY ON YOU.
Can the medical profession PLEASE just stop misdiagnosing? First with Drew and the abscess and then with Taryn and something simple like a UTI.

End rant.

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