Monday, August 23, 2010

A dream is a wish your heart makes

I'm afraid to start hoping that this job in Massachusetts will work out -- how many times have I allowed myself to feel confident only to be disappointed? With all that being said, this was singlehandedly the best interview I've ever done: the word "impressive" was used to describe me off the record. I really and truly appreciated the company's willingness to do this over the phone and the internet based on my current location in Maine.  I was also a little concerned about editing content of medical books, newsletters and webcasts ... and the director said, "Don't worry about it, you'll go through meetings and training and it might take you 6 months to feel really comfortable with all the terminology, I was a sports editor before I worked here - you could fit the amount of my medical knowledge into a thimble."

Pending a writing test (which ultimately is going to be me writing an article on the spot), we'll see where this goes. Writing tests/editing tests make me a little nervous because I can sometimes just start making stupid mistakes when put on the spot. T needs to keep her shit together, because this job? Is perfect for me.

In much more positive news: I can't believe the lengths my aunts Roseanne and Charlene went to put together my bridal shower. I had an amazing time
An excellent use of a wooden
salad bowl ....

Homemade Maryland blue crab
My happy place!
The hat with all the bows
(L to R) Cousin Courtney, Aunt Roseanne, Aunt Charlene
Miss Sue and myself

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