Friday, August 13, 2010


So, there's this small glimmer of hope that I may actually get to drive down to Marblehead, Mass (18mi north of Boston) for an interview as an editorial assistant. Cross your fingers, because I want this job! I need a break just like I need a bigger paycheck.

Commuting to the Boston area would mean us moving to Kittery, Maine ... all of 2 minutes from the NH/ME border. I feel awful moving that far south and forcing Drew into a 90 minute commute. But it comes down to this: either he drives 90 minutes in MOVING traffic the entire time ... or we stay a little farther north and I sit in 90 minute traffic WITHOUT including traffic (probably making it a 2hr trip one way with bumper to bumper rush hour in the Boston suburbs)

C'mon, fates ... hand me a good card. Get me in there for an interview ... and then let me get a job in the field I want a job in.

PS: Thank you Portland Magazine ... for giving me the editorial internship that at least makes it possible to get PHONE CALLS from publishing houses.

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