Monday, August 16, 2010


Briss' cast
And Drew thought that I was moto. ;) Nicolle's fiance (soon to be husband in September!) broke his ankle while on deployment with a MEU last year and God love him, he had to show some love for the Corps. Oohrah, Briss ... Oohrah.

And speaking of Oohrah and moto and semper fi ... I did Justine one proud and ordered a bracelet from Bands for Arms (USO Sponsored, by the way)... Nick is currently PCSing to Italy so the production has been put on hold, but I used to have a 550 Cord bracelet when I was dating the Airman and I have since thrown it away because clearly, I don't want to hold on to memories of a 4 year bad judgement call  ... I felt it was time to order another bracelet. I seem to be on a cammies kick as of recently, because this is what I ordered:

"The United" ... made with donated cammies from the Marines, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.

And because this entire post is moto ... I looked down and realized I was wearing a USMC t-shirt.

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