Tuesday, August 3, 2010

That Darn Cat!

Me and the Grumpy Kitty
Athena's name should be "Darn Cat". If you've ever been to my house, you know that Athena will politely let you know that she'd like to go outside. But because I declawed her in the front, I don't let her stay outside by herself (and especially not at night). So I usually park it under a tree while Athena rolls in the dirt and chews on grass ... and swats at the mosquitos, bumblebees and beetles that fly in her direction. Usually, it's an excellent way to spend 30 minutes: babysitting a cat.

Recently, Athena's taken to sitting by the door and waiting to be "let out". She's advanced this maneuver by darting out the front door when either Drew or I come home. We've learned to be ready for it and run after her.

Today? Athena did her "dart through the front legs" deal with the front door while I was bringing in groceries. I figured, What the heck. She's sitting 5 feet from the apartment chewing on grass. I'll finish bringing in the groceries, bring her inside, and go get my car state inspected. Except for one little problem ... I forgot to bring Athena back inside.

So I'm chopping vegetables and throwing a lasagna in the oven when I notice, that damn, it's been a completely uninterrupted 45 minutes or so, where's Athena?

But then my eyes bug, I drop the zucchini and remember: I left her outside.  I'll spare you the dramatic tears and my frantic hunt for the cat (I went all the way to the back of the apartment buildings by the  woods) ... and the little wench turned up 10 feet from the apartment underneath a bush.

After the big adventure ... she took a nap
on my clean work shirts. :-|
First, I was relieved. And then I shut the door, put her on the ground ... and felt like yelling. I think this was Losing-Your-Kiddo 101. 

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