Monday, September 20, 2010

September/October = expensive!

So ... picture this = We're getting married in 3 weeks. (YAY!)
My last day at Olive Garden (temporarily) is October 2nd, we return from Florida and I pick up Athena from the kennel and promptly hand over $200 for her for the 10 days she's spent there. And I don't mind spending $19/day for her to be at the flossy-flossy Falmouth Happy Cats feline-only boarding facility, mainly because the other option was the vet ... and there would probably be dogs ... and the barking would stress her the hell out. And she'll be there for more than a week. Besides, she loves to sit in the windows and she'll get 1-2 hours of playtime outside the kennel with a human being. 

I owe my parents $300 for floating me on my car payment last month when the registration/title was $500 over what I was originally quoted. (The good news is I have $200 in the bank for it right now ... kinda need to come up with an extra $100 over a period of 4 days. I think it's totally doable)
I just paid  $190 for my bridesmaids' gifts (and I love them all so it's worth it in the end)
Going out of town September 24-26 for my cousin Caitlin's wedding.
Which means: I have exactly 10 working days to come up with the extra cash I need to pay off my parents, pay for Athena's boarding ... and at the very least: come up with $100 toward my car payment/insurance for October. 

And Drew wants to know why I'm not interested in taking off a Saturday night and going to the Ball at the end of October.

Shew! It's been a lot of scrambling around for extra $$$ since August. My guess is that it'll calm down a little bit in November.

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  1. Bah Humbug to the ball!! It always seems like more a financial hardship that a night of fun.