Friday, September 17, 2010

How redneck are we?!

SHOTGUN SHELL party lights.

Me: "Let me ask you a question. Would you EVER buy shotgun party lights??"
Jesse: "No, but let me tell you who will: kids from Machias that are going to the big university town at Presque Isle and want to decorate their dorm room."

And I chuckle because if you live in Maine? You know exactly what kind of people come out Machias, and how "not big" Presque Isle actually is.

Here's the worst part ... whatever company makes these? Wouldn't make them if there wasn't a market. I have to wonder how many people in Texas buy these suckers.

OH! And I saw this in the "home decor/home accent" section of Mangy Moose. I chuckled. Maybe they can do an ad trade? -wink-


  1. Apparently, you've never been to a weekend at the lake in Alabama.....