Saturday, September 4, 2010


I've been reading two blogs pretty frequently for a few months now, the first is Rachel and the other is Allie .  Both of their Marines lost their lives and their blogs are more of a reality check on the things that I choose to bitch about. By all means Taryn, be frustrated with him for whatever reason you choose .. but he's alive. He's well. He's healthy.

I feel the need to reach through the computer screen and find their hand to hold. They don't know me, but their blogs are heartbreaking. In fact, I wonder if they think I'm some crazy stalker? In truth, I'm really just a girl (that happens to be a writer) reading the writings of another.

20-somethings should absolutely not be widows. It's not fair. Not that it would be any more fair to an 80 year old woman losing her husband, but still ... at 20-something, there's still so much to experience.

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